CMC AK Trigger 3.5LB Single Stage (3 Options)


CMC Triggers AK Trigger Group Single Stage 3.5 lbs

3 Trigger Bow Options Available:
Flat Trigger
Curved Trigger
AK Bow Curved Trigger

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Product Description

The CMC AK Tactical Trigger Group is self contained, drop-in AK47 trigger upgrade.

Trigger pull is factory pre-set at 3-1/2 pounds, and is not user adjustable.
Self contained for easier install like CMC Triggers AR15 trigger kits
Tensioning set screws push against the frame rivets to lock your trigger in place
Trigger retaining pin included to all removal and reinstall easy
CMC AK Triggers in Flat and Curved are shaped the same as their AR15 versions to give you that familiar feeling

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AK Curve, Curved, Flat


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